Relationship stressing you out?
It feels like you’ll never have the relationship you want
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Tired of endless, pointless dating?
You’ve had plenty of dates, but no lasting relationships
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It’s time for you to have FUN!
Relax and enjoy a loving, healthy relationship
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It’s time for you to be FULLY in love!
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Your Absolute Must-Haves

Here are some amazing extras that will help you get to the kind of relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

What Keeps Us Stuck in Bad Relationships

In this course, you will learn how you came to be in a bad relationship, what keeps you in one, and then how to successfully and completely get out of it.

How to Get Your Ex
Out of Your Life

Sometimes, getting an ex out of your heart and out of your life are two different things.  This course will help you do both!


Expertly written pieces on topics to keep you and your relationships healthy and happy, and to help you resolve problems and navigate obstacles.

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Dr. Keiron Brown

Dr. Keiron Brown, a licensed Psychologist, has helped people enjoy better lives and have healthy and fulfilling relationships for 30 years.  He is the author of the “Don’t Date a Psycho” series of books and created the Emotional Credit Report, a powerful and effective tool that enriches lives.  Dr. Brown designed these courses as blueprints that will help you have the kinds of amazing and loving relationships you’ve always wanted.  The courses improve the relationship that you have with yourself and the relationships that you have with partners, in marriages, in families and in the workplace.  Relationships are the most important connections you have in life, and these courses can improve and enhance all of them.

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